Unipower Unilyzer 901

Unipower Unilyzer 901

SKU: U901

The Unipower Unilyzer 901 is a versatile power quality analyzer designed to accurately measure and analyse electrical parameters, providing valuable insights into the quality and performance of power systems.

The Unipower Unilyzer 901 package includes all necessary hardware and software for true three-phase measurements, incl. voltage quality parameters such as harmonics (IEC 61000-4-7), unbalance (IEC 61000-4-30) and flicker (IEC 61000-4-15). In addition the The Unipower Unilyzer 901  also simultaneously measures sags and swells. The casing is rugged and IP65-classed, making it the perfect companion for field analysis in harsh environments.

The Unipower Unilyzer 901 hardware/modules:

  • 1 Unilyzer 901 D meter, Power and demand analysis. A complete IP65-classed 8-channel data acquisition system for stand-alone operation. Includes basic software for measuring voltage, current, frequency, power (active, reactive and apparent), energy (active and reactive), power factor and cos ?. 4 MB high compression data storage (equalling >20 days of simultaneous EN 50160 and disturbance operation).
  • Module H: Harmonics (IEC 61000-4-7)
  • Module UB: Unbalance (IEC 61000-4-30)
  • Module F3: Flicker (IEC 61000-4-15)
  • Module S: Sags & Swells

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