SIMAFLEX Straight Fork Clamp

SIMAFLEX Straight Fork Clamp

SKU: RD82F25E10030 , RD82F30E10050 , RD82F35E10050 , RD82F35E20035 , RD82F40E10530

Straight Fork Clamp

SKUTypeVoltage LevelA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)DATA SHEET
RD82F25E10030Straight Fork Clamp245kV30S21-25,99100Download
RD82F30E10050Straight Fork Clamp245kVS46-50,99S26-30,99100Download
RD82F35E10050Straight Fork Clamp245kVS46-50,99S31-35,99100Download
RD82F35E20035Straight Fork Clamp245kVS31-35,99S31-35,99200Download
RD82F40E10530Straight Fork Clamp245kVS26-30,99S36-40,99105Download

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