Storm Detector

Storm Detector

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ATSTORM® is an advanced, comprehensive local early warning system explicitly designed for monitoring electrostatic and electromagnetic fields. This system adeptly identifies both approaching and forming lightning storms, thereby enabling the implementation of preemptive measures to significantly reduce the risks related to lightning strikes.

The capabilities of ATSTORM® extend to:

  • Precisely monitoring the conditions that signal the formation or approach of storms, providing valuable lead time to enact preventive strategies aimed at mitigating lightning strike risks.
  • Continuous tracking of all storm phases, from initial cloud electrification to eventual dissipation, which positions ATSTORM® as a full-cycle advanced data system. This facilitates timely alerts to initiate safety measures.

Key Features of ATSTORM® include:

  • Comprehensive protection and risk minimization through accurate storm detection and preventive action guidance.
  • Remote Control and minimal false alarms thanks to its sophisticated multi-detection technology that merges the latest advancements into a singular efficient system. This system can centralize data for clients who operate across multiple locations, enhancing operational consistency.
  • Multichannel alert system that distributes critical information via various channels such as a private web portal, mobile devices, tablets, email, and audible/visual alarms.
  • Optional integration with internal control systems to streamline operations and enhance safety protocols.
  • Reduction of downtime, which translates into significant time and cost savings, with prompt all-clear notifications based on real-time conditions rather than predetermined safety intervals.

ATSTORM® sets the standard for local lightning detection and preventive actions, ensuring safety and continuity in environments prone to electrical storms.

Storm Detector Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Storm Detector please refer to the product datasheet.