Sonel MIC-5010 Insulation Resistance Meter

Sonel MIC-5010 Insulation Resistance Meter

SKU: MIC-5010

The Sonel MIC-5010 stands out as a reliable insulation resistance meter, crucial for gauging insulation resistance up to an impressive 15 TΩ. It is capable of quickly charging highly capacitive entities with peak measurement currents reaching 1.2 mA or 3 mA, ensuring a rapid return to functionality. A significant feature of the meter is its automatic and safe discharging of the measured item, which can be activated after a predetermined duration or manually.

The device incorporates sophisticated algorithms for accurate identification of voltage sources. It adeptly separates mains voltage, ceasing measurement operations, from those voltages induced by electromagnetic interference, thus permitting ongoing assessments. This attribute is particularly beneficial in settings abundant with electromagnetic activity, which previously obstructed such evaluations.

The meter is accompanied by a comprehensive accessory kit, including test leads, probes, and crocodile clips, all adhering to strict safety standards. These accessories provide users with protection up to 11 kV for leads and up to 5.5 kV for clips and probes, across all testing voltages. They are designed to minimize interference, supporting the use of cable lengths as long as 20 meters, and come neatly organized in a portable carrying case for convenient transportation.


  • Measurement voltage can be varied from 50 to 5000 V.
  • Offers the measurement of insulation resistance, including PI, Ab1, Ab2, and DAR coefficients.
  • Equipped with safeguarding against the measurement of live objects for added safety.
  • Enables the continuous monitoring of insulation resistance and leakage current figures.
  • Provides options for test currents of either 1.2 mA or 3 mA.
  • Allows for automatic discharge of object capacitance after a measurement session.
  • Displays the actual testing voltage during the measurement phase.
  • Implements an acoustic time tracking signal that activates every 5 seconds.
  • Features adjustable measurement times, ranging from 1 second to 99 minutes 59 seconds.
  • Supports both two- and three-lead insulation resistance measurement techniques.

Additional Features:

  • Integrates step voltage insulation resistance measurement (SV) and dielectric discharge calculation (DD).
  • The meter has adjustable thresholds for the insulation resistance values detected.
  • It performs continuity tests in line with EN 61557-4, delivering a current of more than 200 mA.
  • Voltage measurements encompass a 0 to 600 V range for both AC and DC.
  • The measured RCONT resistance limit can be adjusted as needed.
  • Powering options include either mains connection or a battery pack.
  • It has a substantial memory capacity of 990 cells (11880 records), facilitating wireless or USB transfer of data to a PC.
  • The device boasts high resistance to interference through digital filters (10 s, 30 s, 60 s).
  • Featured are a backlit display and keys for visibility.
  • Measures leakage current during insulation tests.
  • Conforms to the EN 61557 standard regulations.

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