Sonel MIC-30 Insulation Resistance Meter

Sonel MIC-30 Insulation Resistance Meter

Sonel MIC-30 Insulation Resistance Meter


Measure insulation resistance up to 100 GΩ with the Sonel MIC-30 insulation resistance meter. This meter addresses the needs of users involved in frequent insulation testing of electrical installations. It’s well-suited for various settings including residential, public utility buildings, small plants, and workshops. The device allows voltage adjustment from 50 V to 1000 V in 10 V increments, ideal for diagnosing electrical, control, telecommunications, and ICT systems

Main Features:

  • Measure insulation resistance up to 100 GΩ with a max 1000 V measurement voltage.
  • Designed for harsh environments – IP67 ingress protection.
  • Ideal for repeatable measurements – 12,000 record memory and UNI-Schuko adapter for sockets.
  • Test electrical continuity with RCONT 200 mA function.
  • Capacitance measurement for start capacitors in motors and more.

Key Specifications:

  • Choose measurement voltage from 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 V, or customize within 50…1000 V in 10 V steps.
  • Continuous reading of insulation resistance or leakage current.
  • Auto discharge of capacitance after insulation measurement.
  • Sound signals every 5 seconds for time tracking.
  • Timing of measurement times for absorption coefficients (1 to 600 seconds).
  • Display of actual measurement voltage during test.
  • Protection against measuring live objects.
  • Three-lead measurement with additional GUARD lead.
  • Capacitance measurement during RISO.
  • Low-voltage continuity and resistance measurement.
  • Continuity test of protective conductors and equipotential bonding with IISO≥200 mA in two directions.


  • Suitable for users frequently assessing electrical systems in buildings, workshops, and factories.
  • Voltage settings (50 to 1000 V) ideal for diagnosing electrical, control, communication, and telecom objects.


  • Test voltage settings of 500 V or 1000 V suitable for power supply line and insulation protection assessments.
  • UNI-Schuko adapter for efficient socket-side insulation resistance inspection.
  • Check object voltage up to 600 V (CAT IV 600 V) in overhead and cable networks.
  • Verify cable continuity, PE connections, and equipotential bonding using ≥200 mA current (EN 61557-4).
  • Assess start-up capacitor capacity up to 10 µF.
  • GUARD socket for leakage current verification through insulation.
  • Built-in memory and wireless data transmission to Sonel Reader software for archiving and analysis, essential for service technicians.

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