Sonel MIC-10K1 Insulation Resistance Meter

Sonel MIC-10K1 Insulation Resistance Meter


The Sonel MIC-10k1 Insulation Resistance Meter offers superior precision measurements and capabilities for electrical service professionals focused on system diagnostics. As one of the most high-tech options available, it ensures optimal inspection and maintenance of insulation materials across various applications.

Serving as a thorough diagnostic instrument, the meter by Sonel measures insulation resistance throughout electrical systems, including transformers, generators, switches, cables, motors, capacitors and circuit breakers.

Key Features:

  • Protection against live object measurement
  • Auto testing of multi-core cables (with AutoISO-5000 adapter)
  • Temperature measurement via ST-1 probe
  • Burnout damage pinpointing
  • 750V AC/DC voltage measurement
  • Adjustable 99 min 59 sec test duration
  • RISO measurement during capacitance testing
  • Electromagnetic interference filtering
  • 10kV max test voltage (3/6mA options)
  • T1/T2/T3 absorption coefficient times
  • PI, Ab1, Ab2, DAR values shown
  • Sound signals every 5 seconds
  • 2 or 3 wire insulation testing
  • Works with leads up to 20 metres

Applications: The meter facilitates insulation resistance quantification in power systems, including cables, transformers, motors and generators across power stations. Its resilience against electromagnetic disturbances also makes it suitable for electrical substations with 765kV or higher voltages.

Performance: The Sonel device offers excellent precision in insulation resistance calculation up to 40 TΩ using the 10kV test voltage and 6mA current. Its three-wire approach removes surface leakage for heightened accuracy. Incremental step voltage testing enables consistency, while temperature and absorption coefficients provide context to results. In total, the meter delivers advanced diagnostic capabilities for optimal insulation evaluation.

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