Sofamel VT-OAD DC Railway Voltage Detector

Sofamel VT-OAD DC Railway Voltage Detector


The Sofamel VT-OAD DC Voltage Detector is a specialised device designed primarily for railway applications, featuring an AC Induced Voltage Indication. This robust tool has a DC voltage detection range from 500 V to 5,000 V and functions effectively within a temperature range of -25°C to 55°C. It incorporates a comprehensive self-checking system that automatically shuts off if no detection occurs within two minutes.

Key Features of the Sofamel VT-OAD DC Railway Voltage Detector:

  • Voltage detection range spans from 500 V to 5,000 V.
  • Operates in a wide humidity range of 20 to 96%.
  • Alert status is clearly indicated by a high luminosity green LED.
  • Visual alerts are conveyed through a high luminosity red LED at the first threshold and a combination of red and orange LEDs at the second threshold.
  • Auditory alerts are provided by a high-pressure acoustic buzzer, which produces different frequencies for each detection threshold.
  • Powered by a 9V battery, type 6LR61.
  • Features an earthing cable made from extra flexible silicon-sheathed cable, standard length 6m (custom lengths available on request).
  • Requires an insulation pole with a universal head for operation (not included in the package).
  • Equipped with an automatic start-up triggered by voltage detection at approximately 500 V DC.
  • The electrode component is interchangeable.
  • The detector has two detection thresholds: the first from 500 to 1,000 V and the second from 1,000 to 2,000 V.

This detector is designed to ensure safety and accuracy when checking for live DC voltages, particularly in the demanding environments of railway infrastructure.

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Sofamel VT-OAD DC Railway Voltage Detector Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Sofamel VT-OAD DC Railway Voltage Detector please refer to the product datasheet.