Sofamel ST-63 Warning Tape (R/W)

Sofamel ST-63 Warning Tape (R-W)

SKU: ST-63

As a component of Sofamel’s extensive range of signage, avian collision prevention devices, and beacon solutions, the Sofamel ST-63 Warning Tape (R/W) is an essential tool for demarcating designated work zones. This versatile tape, measuring 80 mm in width, is crafted from a durable polyethylene laminate material.

The Sofamel ST-63 Warning Tape (R/W) is a perfect choice for cordoning off particular areas within a worksite. Featuring a striking colour scheme, the tape is printed on both sides with alternating stripes of yellow and black, as well as white and red, ensuring optimal visibility from any angle.

Key features of the Sofamel ST-63 Warning Tape (R/W) include:

  • Manufactured using high-quality polyethylene laminate for enhanced durability
  • Double-sided printing in eye-catching yellow/black and white/red colour combinations
  • 80 mm width for improved visibility and coverage
  • Ideal for clearly identifying and segregating specific work areas

The Sofamel ST-63 Warning Tape (R/W) is a vital addition to Sofamel’s comprehensive collection of signage, beacon, and bird anticollision device solutions, offering a reliable and effective means of establishing clear boundaries within various work environments.

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