Socomec Diris A41 Energy Meter

Socomec Diris A41 Energy Meter

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The Socomec Diris A41 is a versatile meter for tracking electrical measurements in low and high voltage systems.

Key Features of the Diris A41 Meter:

  • Measures current using integrated CTs or external CTs
  • Senses neutral current to account for harmonics
  • Logs phase-to-neutral and phase-to-phase voltages
  • Tracks frequency, active, reactive, and apparent power
  • Calculates total and per phase power factor
  • Stores maximum and average readings
  • Quantifies active, reactive, and apparent energy in all quadrants
  • Assesses voltage and current harmonic distortion

Additional plug-in modules can extend functionality for specialized applications like pulse outputs, analog outputs, communications, data logging, and more.

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