Socomec Diris A41 Energy Meter

Socomec Diris A41 Energy Meter

SKU: 6d3d25358633

The Socomec Diris A41 Energy Meter is a multi-function meter for measuring electrical values in all low voltage and high voltage networks.

Socomec Diris A41 Energy Meter specifications

  • Current 3I, In (via CT)
  • Neutral current sensing transformer for disturbrd networks (harmonics)
  • Phase to Neutral and phase to phase voltage (direct only)
  • Frequency
  • Total and per phase active, reactive and apparent power
  • Total and per phase power factor
  • Average and Maximum Values
  • Total active power active and reactive energy 4 quadrants (+/-kWh, +/-kvarh, kvah)
  • Voltage and current harmonic distortion

For specific requirements, plug-in modules can be used to give additional functions: Pulse output, input/output, analog output, communications (modbus/ethernet) & memory.

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