Socomec Diris A20 Energy Meter

Socomec Diris A20 Energy Meter

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SOCOMEC DIRIS A20 is an advanced three-phase electrical energy meter designed for accurate measurement and monitoring of power consumption in commercial and industrial applications. Here is a detailed overview of its key features and capabilities:

The DIRIS A20 is part of SOCOMEC’s DIRIS range of modular power meters for low and medium voltage networks. It has a DIN-rail mountable housing which allows for easy installation and integration into new or existing distribution boards.

At its core, the A20 contains high-precision measurement chips and current transformers for metering electricity usage across three phases. It can measure and display parameters like volts, amps, power (W, var, VA), power factor, frequency and accumulated energy (kWh and kvarh) with IEC Class 0.2S accuracy.

This intelligent meter has an integrated data logger and web server, enabling remote monitoring and analysis of energy usage data. It can store up to two years’ worth of hourly consumption data which can be accessed on-demand through its web interface or downloaded via communication protocols like Modbus.

The A20 also supports additional communication options like Ethernet and M-Bus for seamless integration with building management or industrial automation systems. It can automatically send emails, alarms and reports based on predefined energy usage thresholds for proactive monitoring.

With its robust design, high accuracy, communication capabilities and logging functionalities, the SOCOMEC DIRIS A20 provides an complete solution for measuring, recording and benchmarking electrical consumption across commercial facilities or industrial loads up to 630A.

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