SINEAX M563 3-Phase Transducers (Programmable)

Sineax M563 3-Phase Transducers (Programmable)

SKU: M563

The SINEAX M563 3-Phase Transducer is a versatile, programmable multi-function device, offering three analog outputs and RS232 connectivity. This advanced transducer is capable of handling rated currents from 1 to 6 A and rated voltages from 57 to 400 V (phase-to-neutral) or 100 to 693 V (phase-to-phase), all of which are programmable to suit a variety of applications. Furthermore, it features universal programmable analogue outputs and includes software that is safeguarded with password protection. This software facilitates programming, data analysis, power system status simulation, and the acquisition and adjustment of meter data.

Key Features:

  • Three analog outputs
  • Supports application-specific programming
  • Adjustable rated current from 1 to 6 A
  • Adjustable rated voltage either from 57 to 400 V (phase-to-neutral) or from 100 to 693 V (phase-to-phase)
  • Universal analogue outputs that can be programmed as per requirement
  • High precision with a classification of 0.5
  • Included software provides password-protected access to programming, data analysis, power system simulations, and settings adjustments
  • Compatible with both DC and AC power supplies, accommodating a wide tolerance range
  • Mountable design, suitable for snapping onto a top-hat rail
  • CSA certification

Ideal for acquiring multiple measured quantities in electrical systems, the SINEAX M563 ensures electrical isolation between the outputs, enhancing safety and reliability in complex power monitoring setups.

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