SINEAX A200 Multifunctional Display Unit

Sineax A200 Multifunctional Display Unit

SKU: A200

The SINEAX A200, developed by Gossen Metrawatt, is a multifunctional display unit designed for integration with SINEAX DME4 multi-transducers. It is capable of showing all measurements and meter readings from any DME4 unit. The connection between the display and the transducer is facilitated by a straightforward RS232 interface cable, simplifying installation and maintaining a tidy cabinet without the complications of hot input wires.

Key Features of the SINEAX A200 Multifunctional Display Unit include:

  • Eliminates the need for multiple analog instruments.
  • Displays all measurements locally for DME4 units, including those operating solely on bus systems.
  • Connects easily through an RS232 cable.
  • Compact dimensions of 96 x 96 mm.

The SINEAX A200 enhances user interface capability by displaying all critical DME4 data directly on the display, ensuring accurate readouts with a precision of 0.15% for voltage and current (V, I) and 0.2% for power and meter data. This system boosts efficiency and accuracy in monitoring energy systems.

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