Sibille Fameca - Cable Identifier FC3000

Sibille Fameca - Cable Identifier FC3000 - FC3000

Sibille Fameca - Cable Identifier FC3000

SKU: FC3000

FC3000 Phase controller and departures BT is designed to be handled by a single operator for mapping customer phase and feeder connection in just 5 seconds. The device balance the loads on the phases of the low voltage network. The Central Unit (CU) is connected to all the outgoing lines on a supply substation. The Line Unit (LU), connected to any points of the network (customer, connection box, ) is used to automatically provide all the useful information.

The device enables local voltage measurement, phase indication L1, L2 or L3, feeder or circuit From 1 to 6 (9 or 12), substation (CU code.) from 1 to 8 and didactic operating mode on central unit FC3000 UC. The system operates at 200 Vrms voltage, 115 Vrms to 230 Vrms (200 Vrms to 400 Vrms between phases) nominal voltage (phase-neutral) and 440 Vrms (between phases, and between phase and neutral) maximum rated voltage.

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