SebaKMT GEOLUX GL 660-1 - Earth Fault Locator



The SebaKMT GEOLUX GL 660-1 is specifically designed for locating earth faults in IT networks, offering capabilities to detect faults up to 150 kOhm. By utilizing the Geolux System, it provides a fast and non-disruptive method for fault localisation without affecting power supply or data/control circuits. The system includes features such as mains filter, pulsed output current, and interference signal suppression for efficient fault detection.

The SebaKMT GEOLUX GL 660-1 has been designed for the location of earth faults in IT networks such as railway installations, hospitals, power plants or other industrial facilities. It includes capabilities for locating earth faults up to 150 kOhm. Earth faults can lead to short-circuiting and possibly the total failure of electrical systems leading to severe consequences. 

One of the easiest and fastest options for the localisation of these earth faults is with the Geolux System. The Idea behind the technology used in the Geolux is a location of the earth fault without interrupting the supply function or affecting data and control circuits.

The Geolux System includes a mains filter for direct coupling to live cables (up to 660 V), pulsed output current for easier detection of the test signal and a filter for the suppression of large interference signals.

SebaKMT GEOLUX GL 660-1 – Earth Fault Locator Datasheet

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SebaKMT GEOLUX GL 660-1 - Earth Fault Locator Datasheet

For additional technical details about the SebaKMT GEOLUX GL 660-1 - Earth Fault Locator please refer to the product datasheet.