SebaKMT Easytest 20 kV ? VLF cable tester

SebaKMT Easytest

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SebaKMT Easytest 20 kV is reliable and easy after repair and commissioning testing.

The SebaKMT Easytest 20 kV allows quick and reliable testing after installing or repairing cable systems. Reconnecting the voltage with without doing any testing can be a huge risk. This would not be acceptable in accordance with the majority of standards and internal regulations.

A typically applied method is a 5 or 10 minute DC test in the operating voltage range. Simple DC testers or an insulation tester can be used; however, with a maximum voltage of 10 kV, these devices rarely come close to the operating voltage range. These tests are impractical especially for XLPE cables. It is also possible that in the case where the cables are old, DC voltage testing can cause advanved ageing or damage due to polarisation effects. SebaKMT have found a solution to this problem with the Easytest. The Easytest ia a small, lightweight testing device which offers the advantage of alternating voltage.

The Easytest boasts an output voltage of 20 kV and 0.1 Hz AC at 0.5 ?F and up to 2.5 ?F at 0.02 Hz, the Easytest provides sufficient power to test cables up to 2 km lengths at 0.1 Hz in the 20 kV range with a test voltage of 1,7 Uo.

For testing of PVC and PILC, a DC voltage module with leakage current measurement is available. The testing options are completed by a sheath testing function and pulsed output voltage for sheath fault pinpointing.

 SebaKMT Easytest 20 kV Features include:

  • Easy to operate
  • Configurable test sequences
  • Compact, rugged, and lightweight design
  • No polarisation effects
  • Full AC voltage testing

SebaKMT Easytest 20 kV Datasheet

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SebaKMT Easytest 20 kV ? VLF cable tester Datasheet

For additional technical details about the SebaKMT Easytest 20 kV ? VLF cable tester please refer to the product datasheet.