SebaKMT Easyloc - Line location system

SebaKMT Easyloc

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The SebaKMT Easyloc offers convenient and efficient utility locating with its quick operation, versatile modes, and user-friendly features including automatic backlight, depth confirmation, and automatic sensitivity control. The transmitter provides high-performance tracing capabilities and compatibility with other systems, while the self-calibration check routine ensures cost savings on annual maintenance.

SebaKMT Easyloc is both an economical and technical solution to utility locating. It combines a rugged housing, automatic digital display and high quality features which result in greater productivity at reduced operational costs.

As a single active frequency locating instrument, the SebaKMT Easyloc employs the proven 33 kHz frequency for most locating applications. Additional functionality is found in the highly sensitive power (50Hz + harmonics) and radio (15-23 kHz) modes for line avoidance at utility construction sites. Depth measurement can be taken with the simple press of a button in both active and passive modes of operation.

Typical applications include Pipe Locating, Cable Locating and Fibre Optic Tracer Line Locating.

SebaKMT Easyloc Features Include:

  • Quick and easy to operate and includes three operation modes ? optimum locating application
  • Semi-automatic gain control ? fast signal location and control
  • Push-button depth in active and passive modes ? confirm utility location
  • Digital display with automatic backlight ? intuitive information in a compact design
  • 33 kHz active frequency ? best frequency for general locating and compatible with other location systems
  • Full featured transmitter ? quality locating capability
  • High-performance 0.5 W transmitter for connecting to and tracing pipes and cables and induction method for searching unknown metallic utilities
  • Automatic sensitivity control

  • Self calibration check routine saves annual maintenance costs

SebaKMT Easyloc – Line location system Datasheet

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SebaKMT Easyloc - Line location system Datasheet

For additional technical details about the SebaKMT Easyloc - Line location system please refer to the product datasheet.