SebaKMT digiPHONE+


SebaKMT digiPHONE+


digiPHONE+ is a surge wave receiver for acoustic and electromagnetic cable fault pinpointing.

It uses a combination of different technologies for efficient noise suppression and provides you with a flawless acoustic performance, which passes only the fault noise. As soon as you approach the handle, the sound automatically switches off. When you take your hand away, a short delay ensures that the digiPHONE+ sensor is standing stable and possible mechanical oscillations have ceased, before the headset is activated.

The left-right indication keeps the operator always on top of the cable and the compass specifies the fault direction. The distance to the fault can be displayed in meters or feet depending on your preference.

SebaKMT digiPHONE+ Features Include: 

  • Perfect acoustic quality and noise immunity
  • Automatic mute function to protect your ears
  • Bright, transflective sun readable display
  • Easiest handling with automatic adjustment
  • Earphone volume limitation to 84 dB(A)

SebaKMT digiPHONE+ Datasheet

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SebaKMT digiPHONE+ Datasheet

For additional technical details about the SebaKMT digiPHONE+ please refer to the product datasheet. Please note that you would need PDF reader to open the file.