SebaKMT CI - Cable Identifier (Cable Selection System)

CI Cable Identifier

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Clear identification of a cable before it is cut or fitted is of huge relevance to safety. Mistakes can result in fatalities and may also cause outages for the connected customers. The SebaKMT Cable Identifier System has been designed for safer and easier working.

The SebaKMT Cable Identifier System comprises the current impulse generator and the receiver CI RX. The CI RX receiver is connected by a 230 mm (option 135 mm) flex clamp for decoupling the identification signal. The Pulse generator CI TX generates single sawtooth pulses with a peak current up to 100 A and transmits them into the cable being identified. This current flow causes an electromagnetic field with a defined polarity around the cable which is received with the flex coupler of the receiver CI RX, automatically synchronised and displayed by the LED scale.

Special software function controls and verifies all parameters of the received pulse. The following parameters are assessed:

  • Impulse shape
  • Polarity
  • Amplitude
  • Frequency (2s Intervall)

The directional clamp in combination with the parameter monitoring by the receiver provides a safe selection regardless of any interference. The user must only verify the display. This means, that generally, only one conductor or cable has the correct polarity while all other cables have the opposite polarity. 

SebaKMT CI – Cable Identifier Datasheet

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SebaKMT CI - Cable Identifier (Cable Selection System) Datasheet

For additional technical details about the SebaKMT CI - Cable Identifier (Cable Selection System) please refer to the product datasheet.