Seba KMT Teleflex SX – Portable reflectometer for fault location systems

SKU: Teleflex SX

The Seba KMT Teleflex SX has been specifically adapted to the fast events during fault location in power cables. The new hardware with improved parameters as sampling frequency, pulse width and impulse amplitude guarantees larger ranges and highest resolution.

The touchscreen operation allows an easier and faster handling, particularly for detail data entry as it is required for the reporting menue. The ΔU Trigger technology provides always perfect trigger at the correct moment.

ARMslide records 15 traces in one shot allowing a selection of the best trace. This can be very beneficial in the case of wet, long or difficult cables. The ProRange function allows a distance adapted gain, displaying far distant events with the same amplitude as from short distances.

Via CAN interface or ethernet, the Teleflex SX can be integrated into a system, which allows the remote control in offshore applications and ROV’s. Using this system, the Teleflex SX becomes the combined control unit of the SPG 40 fault location system, allowing easy, more intuitive operation of the complete fault location process.

Seba KMT Teleflex SX Features include:

  • ARMslide technology (with 15 traces in one ARM shot)
  • ProRange for optimised display of distant details
  • Support of all existing prelocation technologies
  • Automatic adjustment and display of cable end and fault
  • Compatible with all fault location systems 

Seba KMT Teleflex SX Datasheet 

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Seba KMT Teleflex SX – Portable reflectometer for fault location systems Datasheet

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