Seba KMT NIM 1000 Net Impedance Meter

Seba KMT NIM 1000 Net Impedance Meter

SKU: NIM 1000

The Seba KMT NIM 1000 Impedance Meter allows for reliable and safe measurement of the low voltage system impedance.

The Net Impedance Meter NIM 1000 is used for impedance measurements of LV distribution networks. At the connection point, the network is tested for its ampacity under real life conditions with currents up to 1000 A. Potential weak spots will become visible.

The NIM 1000 can be used for event-based actions, to find out what is causing unstable power conditions for example. It can also be used for preventive purposes, for example control measurements before or after net restructuring. The tests ensure a consistently good power quality and also inhibit downtimes.

Typical tasks are as follows:

  • The measurement of the net impedance at the connection point
  • Tests for de-centralized power generation
  • Pre-tests for industrial consumers
  • Confirmation tests during commissioning.

For the measurement, both the impedance of the fundamental wave and the values up to the 10th harmonic are evaluated and reported.

Another application of the NIM 1000 is trouble-shooting and fault location in the LV network. It can be used to trigger faults (e.g. neutral faults, bad contacts, and load-dependend faults) while at the same time a connected fault location system pre-locates them.

Seba KMT NIM 1000 Net Impedance Meter Features include:

  • Easiest handling
  • High test current up to 1000 A
  • Single or three-phased measurements
  • Measurement of the net impedance up to the 10th harmonic
  • Display of all measured parameters
  • Tests in accordance with DIN EN 61557-8; VDE 0413

Seba KMT NIM 1000 Net Impedance Meter Datasheet

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Seba KMT NIM 1000 Net Impedance Meter Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Seba KMT NIM 1000 Net Impedance Meter please refer to the product datasheet. Please note that you would need PDF reader to open the file.