Seba KMT MFM 10 - Sheath Fault Location System

Seba KMT MFM 10


The Seba KMT MFM 10 is a precise and efficient sheath fault location system that utilizes a bi-polar measuring voltage method. With its automatic measurement and evaluation capabilities, it allows for cable sheath testing, pre-location, and pinpointing of faults. The system features a powerful 10 kV DC source, high current output, and advanced functionality for accurate fault detection and burning, making it a reliable tool for fault location in cables.

The Seba KMT MFM 10 is a sheath fault location system with bi-polar measuring voltage method. It is easy to use, precise and very fast.

The intuitive Seba KMT MFM 10 with fully automatic measurement and evaluation enables cable sheath testing as well as the pre-location and pinpointing of cable sheath faults. The powerful 10 kV DC source with positive and negative polarity also enables HV cable testing.

The bi-polar function ensures the elimination of external thermoelectric and galvanic influences. A multi-section facility allows the entry of cable segments with different parameters. The available high current of up to 750 mA also enables the ?burning? of difficult cable faults.

Seba KMT MFM 10 Features include:

  • Testing, prelocation and pinpointing of sheath faults
  • Voltage up to ?10 kV DC
  • High current of up to 750 mA
  • Only one HV connection cable
  • Automatic measurement and protocolling
  • Solid IP53 PELI trolley case ? easy handling
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Improved prelocation with voltage drop method
  • Highest accuracy by bi-polar measurement
  • Burning
  • Detection of correct hook-up to cable under test
  • Fault locating of high-resistive faults inside cables
  • Integrated discharge
  • Graphical display of voltage and current
  • Detection of multiple faults
  • Very fast pulse rate of 0.5:1 in connection with the ESG NT

Seba KMT MFM 10 – Sheath Fault Location System Datasheet

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Seba KMT MFM 10 - Sheath Fault Location System Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Seba KMT MFM 10 - Sheath Fault Location System please refer to the product datasheet.