Seba KMT EZ-Thump - Compact Fault Location Device


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The Seba KMT EZ-Thump is a compact and efficient fault location system for LV and MV cables, providing immediate on-site fault location capabilities without the need for extensive training or adjustments. With its automatic operation, lightweight design, and comprehensive display, it enables users to quickly and easily locate faults using various methods such as acoustic pinpointing, DC breakdown detection, insulation measurement, and sheath fault location. This cost-effective solution is ideal for remote areas where speed and ease of use are essential.

The EZ-Thump from Seba KMT is a fast and convenient solution for immediate on-site fault location in one compact fault location device.

The Seba KMT EZ-Thump is a compact, lightweight fault location system for LV and MV Cables. It can be battery or AC-operated. The EZ-Thump is the perfect accompaniment for a satellite-based fault location concept in outlying areas with both lower population density and fault rate, where speed, ease of use, weight and economics are the driving factors. This unit does not require any adjustments and is operated via rotary control knob.

The EZ-Thump is fully automatic and enables even the most inexperienced of users to locate faults without any specific training being necessary. The result is shown on the transflective color 5.7? LCD as graphical trace and numerical value with the distances of the cable end, fault position and joints. The display shows the comparison of the ARM reference and fault trace.

The EZ-Thump provides acoustic pinpointing with the integrated 500 J surge generator aswell as DC for breakdown detection, insulation measurement and cable testing.

Sheath fault location is also possible with the pulsed output voltage via the step voltage method. All functions are contained in a small unit with integrated battery for immediate use without requiring connection to the mains.

As an inexpensive satellite system, the EZ-Thump is the ideal solution for fast, ad hoc fault location, without being necessary to have a large fault location system on site.

Seba KMT EZ-Thump – Compact Fault Location Device Datasheet

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Seba KMT EZ-Thump - Compact Fault Location Device Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Seba KMT EZ-Thump - Compact Fault Location Device please refer to the product datasheet.