SATEC BFM136 Branch Feeder Monitor

SATEC BFM136 Branch Feeder Monitor


SATEC’s BFM136 Branch Feeder Monitor is the ideal solution for Multi-circuit, multi-client metering. It is suitable for both new projects and retrofit projects as it is automated to provide metering, demand and energy readings, logging and multi-tariff (TOU) data. The BFM136 is capable of monitoring up to 12 three phase circuits, 18 two phase or 36 single phase circuits, or any grouping of single or three phase circuits. The BFM136 monitors up to 36 currents via High Accuracy Current Sensors (HACS). Each HACS monitors and reports the current consumed by each of the branch circuits at the panel board. Single or multiple circuits can be defined for each customer. Such flexibility makes it the ideal solution for multi-tenant facilities such as office buildings, residential projects and shopping malls.

Note: The SATEC BFM136 should be ordered with and will only work with dedicated SATEC HACS (High Accuracy Current Sensors)

  • Logging – Multi-point power, energy and demand data logging, High accuracy 0.5S
  • Data Storage – Real Time Clock (RTC) and Flash memory for data and event logger
  • LCD Display – provides up to 36 channels of consumption readings for each tenant
  • Standard Communication Platforms – Protocols: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus ASCII. Ports: Standard: RS-485 port, Optional: Ethernet TCP/IP, dial-up modem, RS-232, additional RS-485/422 port, wireless RF modem, 2G/3G modem
  • Input – Current inputs: 36 per device. Measured currents, per phase: with unique High Accuracy Current Sensors (HACS) rating from 100A to 3000A. Voltage measurement range: 120 (207) to 277 (480)V AC ± 15% (The accuracy is guaranteed to this voltage range). Auto rangepower supply: 88-552V AC
  • Alarms – Over/under voltage, over current, over kW, over kVA, over/under frequency

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