S2393 Master Lock Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout

Master Lock Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout

SKU: S2393

Introducing the Master Lock S2393 Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout, a compact and adaptable lockout device suitable for a wide range of miniature ISO/DIN circuit breakers across the globe. This innovative product is designed to be secured using a screwdriver, ensuring a dependable lockout solution for your safety needs.

  • Compatible with all American Lock and Master Lock safety padlocks and hasps, providing flexibility and ease of use for various lockout applications
  • Can be securely fastened using a screwdriver, offering a reliable lockout solution
  • Designed to fit on the toggle of most miniature ISO/DIN circuit breakers worldwide, making it a versatile choice for many different settings

The S2393 Master Lock Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout is a miniature circuit breaker lockout that attaches to the breaker’s toggle, providing a secure and effective way to prevent unauthorised access or operation.

Electrical Lockout Demonstration

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