Deluxe Lockout Station

Deluxe Lockout Station

SKU: S1900VE1106

Deluxe Lockout Station

Masterlock Deluxe Lockout Station is a durable, user-friendly padlock station that provides a central location for necessary safety lockout/tagout components. Masterlock Deluxe Lockout Station is a deluxe capacity lockout station that caters for departmental lockout needs.

Masterlock Deluxe Lockout Station features

  • 16 hanger clips holds 2 padlocks or hasps each
  • Moveable dividers in top and bottom trays help organize devices
  • Holes provided along with bottom for optional peg hook hangers to hang bulky devices
  • Each compartment in lower section holds 25 tags each, 150 tags total
  • Included are: A1106RED padlocks, hasps, tags, valve lockouts and electrical lockouts
  • Measures 23.5″ wide x 27″ tall x 4.5″ deep

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