Compact Lockout Station with Plug Lockout

Compact Lockout Station with Plug Lockout

SKU: S1745E410

The Masterlock Compact Lockout Station (filled) is a sturdy and accessible padlock station designed to act as a central hub for essential safety lockout/tagout supplies. This station is ideally situated near a lockout point, providing convenient access to machine-specific lockout devices and padlocks. It comes equipped with a 410RED Xenoy padlock, a 488 plug lockout, and a safety tag. Featuring four hanger clips for arranging safety padlocks or hasps, the station is crafted from robust polycarbonate, making it suitable for prolonged use in corrosive environments.

Key Features: 

  • Includes one 410RED Xenoy padlock, one 488 plug lockout, and one safety tag.
  • Furnished with four hanger clips to hold safety padlocks or hasps securely.
  • Constructed from durable polycarbonate to withstand harsh conditions and ensure longevity.
  • Available face labels in three language options: English, Spanish/English, or French/English.
  • Compact dimensions with the center measuring 7-3/4″ wide x 9-3/4″ tall x 3-3/8″ deep and the bin at 6-1/2″ wide x 2-7/8″ tall x 2-7/8″ deep.

This lockout station is an excellent resource for maintaining workplace safety, providing reliable storage and quick access to lockout/tagout equipment in various industrial settings.

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