Raychem Coupling Connectors 24kV

Raychem Coupling Connectors 24kV


Raychem screened, separable, coupling system 800 A up to 24 kV


Raychem Coupling Connectors 24kV?are?designed to mate with the rear end of the base screened connector system RSTI-58 designed for 24 kV. The Raychem Coupling Connectors 24kV is made of a highly modified silicone rubber characterised by high tracking resistance, elongation at break and nonflammability.

The wide application range covers cable cross-sections from 25 to 300 mm2:

  • Raychem Coupling Connector 35-70mm2
  • Raychem Coupling Connector 55-240mm2
  • Raychem Coupling Connector 400mm2

Raychem Coupling Connectors 24kV features

  • Permanently bonded, thin-walled screen protects the connection system against accidental contact
  • Screened coupling connector need not be removed for oversheath testing
  • The combination of screened connector and coupling connector exceeds CENELEC HD 629.1 S2 requirements, which include BS, VDE and other international specifications
  • The combination of screened connector and coupling connector fits 630/1250 A bushings type ?C? as specified by EN50180 and EN50181
  • The compact design supports the use of double ?T? connections inside standard terminal boxes
  • Conductor connection with mechanical or DIN lugs
  • Easily accessible rear plug with capacitive test point

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