Raychem Separable Connectors (42kV)

Raychem Separable Connectors (42kV)

SKU: RSTI-6853

Raychem Separable Connectors are electrical connectors used in high voltage power distribution systems up to 42,000 volts (42kV). They allow for easy connection and disconnection of cables or electrical equipment without having to power down the entire system.

Some key details about 42kV Raychem Separable Connectors:

  • Allow safe plugging and unplugging of high voltage cables under load, eliminating need for complete power shutdowns. This provides operational flexibility.
  • Utilise a rubber insert between the separated male and female parts to safely contain the electric arc when disconnecting under load. This provides arc quenching and operator safety.
  • Have a modular, compact design with options for various cable sizes and materials. Connector bodies may be composed of conductive EPDM rubber or epoxy resin.
  • Undergo rigorous testing and certification to verify their high voltage insulation properties and ability to close on fault currents repeatedly. This ensures reliability.
  • Include a test point to allow for checking that the connector is de-energised before removal, for additional safety.
  • Play a vital role in underground power cabling installations, overhead line tapping, substations, and switchgear applications up to their rated 42kV service voltage.

Raychem 42kV Separable Connectors uniquely combine safe operability under load with modular flexibility for connecting and insulating cables in medium voltage power systems. Their capabilities allow for convenient modifications to energised networks.

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