Raychem Three Core Terminations (36kV)

Raychem Three Core Terminations (36kV)

SKU: IXSU-F 6342

Raychem Three Core Terminations (36kV) are premium heat-shrinkable medium voltage terminations suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, specifically designed for use with polymeric cables. These terminations are equipped with a distinctive ZnO-based stress control system, enhancing their performance and reliability. They also offer substantial versatility as they are compatible with both crimp and mechanical lugs. Notably, these terminations boast an unlimited shelf life, making them a long-lasting solution suited to a variety of cable sizes across a comprehensive application range of 150-300mm².

Key features:

  • Heat-shrinkable medium voltage terminations IXSU-F, apt for indoor and outdoor polymeric cable applications.
  • Incorporates a unique ZnO-based stress control system for improved efficiency.
  • Versatile connection options with both crimp and mechanical lugs.
  • Guaranteed unlimited shelf life, ensuring durability.
  • Suitable for a wide range of cable dimensions, specifically 150-300mm².

These terminations are crafted to provide dependable and robust performance in diverse environmental conditions, catering to a broad spectrum of medium voltage requirements.

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