Raychem Three Core Terminations (12kV)

Raychem Three Core Terminations (12kV)

SKU: IXSU-F 3321

Raychem Three Core Terminations (12kV) are versatile heat-shrinkable medium voltage terminations designed for indoor and outdoor use with polymeric cables. They feature a unique ZnO based stress control system and offer flexibility in terms of compatibility with both crimp- and mechanical lugs. With an unlimited shelf life, these terminations provide a reliable solution for a wide range of applications, including Raychem 3-Core Termination options for cable sizes ranging from 25-70mm? and 95-240mm?.

Raychem Three Core Terminations (12kV) are heat-shrinkable medium voltage terminations IXSU-F for indoor and outdoor applications for polymeric cables.

Raychem Three Core Terminations (12kV)

  • Unique ZnO based stress control system
  • Flexibility of usage for crimp- and mechanical lugs
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Range-t

Raychem Three Core Terminations (12kV) cover a wide application range:

  • Raychem 3-Core Termination 25-70mm2
  • Raychem 3-Core Termination 95-240mm2

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