Q2C Wiring Solution

Q2C Wiring Solution



The Q2C Wiring Solution is designed to streamline installations, reducing wiring time by at least 80% while guaranteeing error-free setup. This innovative system facilitates quick and efficient connections of the Integra Ci5 Digital Metering System (DMS) and the 3-in-1 current transformers.

Components of the Q2C Wiring Solution:

  • Integra Ci5 Digital Metering System (DMS)
  • 3-in-1 Current Transformers (CTs)
  • Wiring looms in various lengths

The Q2C system simplifies installation by employing plug-in connections and pre-cut wiring looms, enabling effortless integration of the digital meter and current transformers with either the incoming or outgoing electrical supply.

Key Benefits and Features of the Q2C Wiring Solution:

  • Offers a complete wiring solution including integral connectors and effective earthing
  • Features screwless terminal connections that are both vibration proof and maintenance-free
  • Achieves a reduction in installation time by at least 80% compared to traditional methods
  • Prevents costly errors in electrical connections or programming
  • Product is manufactured in the UK, ensuring quality and reliability
  • Provides a neat and organised approach to cable management

This wiring solution is perfect, offering efficiency and reliability in the setup of digital metering systems and current transformers.

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Q2C Wiring Solution Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Q2C Wiring Solution please refer to the product datasheet.