Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout Device L0001

Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout Device L0001

SKU: L0001

The yellow Pin & Sleeve surface mount and trailing sockets are designed for use with 110V 16A sockets. They are tested and certified to meet European standards, flame retardant, and UV stabilised. The patented design of these sockets makes them easy to use, durable, and reusable. They allow for controlled use and can be locked out to prevent unauthorised access. This system supports safe practices in controlling hazardous energy and follows ‘Lockout Tagout’ procedures (LOTO).

For Pin & Sleeve Surface Mount and Trailing Sockets

Colour Yellow          

For use with 110V 16A Yellow Pin & Sleeve Sockets

Tested and certified to meet European standards
Flame Retardant
UV stabilise

Patented design, easy to use, durable, reusable product

Allows for the controlled use of Pin & Sleeve surface mounted or trailing sockets

Sockets can be locked out so as they cannot be used without authorisation

System for locking out temporary supply installations

Supports good practice in the control of hazardous energy and ‘Lockout Tagout’ procedures (LOTO)

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