Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout Device L0001

Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout Device L0001

SKU: L0001

The L0001 Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout Device is a specialized safety apparatus designed to secure pin and sleeve electrical sockets effectively. Its main function is to block the accidental connection of a plug into a socket, ensuring that the electrical supply to specific equipment or areas remains off during maintenance or repair work. This device plays a crucial role in industrial safety, especially in adhering to lockout/tagout (LOTO) standards.

Like similar lockout devices, the L0001 is made to accommodate various pin and sleeve sockets, preventing the insertion or connection of plugs. It can be locked with a padlock or another type of locking mechanism, fulfilling the safety requirements to avoid unauthorized access or the unintended powering of electrical systems.

Constructed from robust materials such as reinforced plastics or metals, the L0001 is built to last and endure industrial settings. Its striking yellow color increases its visibility, signaling that the socket is in a locked state and should not be used.

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