Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout Device L0006

Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout Device L0006

SKU: L0006

The L0006 Pin & Sleeve socket lockout product is intended for 400V 32A red Pin & Sleeve sockets. It has undergone testing and certification to comply with European standards, having flame resistant and UV stabilised properties. Featuring a patented design, this lockout device has easy usage, durability and reusability.

It enables controlled access to Pin & Sleeve surface-mounted or trailing sockets, with the capability to lock out the sockets for preventing unauthorised use. This device is part of a system for locking out interim supply installations and promotes good practice for hazardous energy control and ‘Lockout Tagout’ procedures (LOTO).


  • For Pin & Sleeve Surface Mount and Trailing Sockets
  • Red colour
  • For use with 400V 32A Red Pin & Sleeve Sockets
  • Tested and certified to meet European standards
  • Flame Retardant
  • UV stabilised
  • Patented design, easy to use, durable, reusable product
  • Allows controlled use of Pin & Sleeve surface-mounted/trailing sockets
  • Sockets can be locked out to prevent unauthorised use
  • System for locking out temporary supply installations
  • Supports good practice in the control of hazardous energy and ‘Lockout Tagout’ procedures (LOTO)

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