Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout Device L0004

Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout Device L0004

SKU: L0004

The Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout Device L0004 is a specialised safety device designed to secure and isolate electrical connections, particularly those involving pin and sleeve connectors. This type of lockout device is a crucial component in industrial safety protocols, ensuring that electrical sockets are not accidentally energised while maintenance or repair work is being carried out.

The L0004 model, specifically, is tailored to fit a variety of pin and sleeve socket types and sizes. It functions by enclosing the socket, preventing the insertion of a plug, and can be locked with a padlock or similar locking mechanism. This is an essential feature for adhering to lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures, a safety protocol that is widely enforced in industrial settings to prevent accidental start-up of equipment or release of hazardous energy.

The design of the L0004 typically includes a robust construction, often made from durable materials like polypropylene or a similar tough plastic, to withstand harsh industrial environments. Its visibility is usually enhanced with its bright red colour to ensure it is clearly visible and signals the locked-out state of the equipment.

Overall, the Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout Device L0004 plays a pivotal role in maintaining safety standards in various industrial and construction settings, where managing electrical hazards is a critical concern.

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