Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout Device L0003

Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout Device L0003

SKU: L0003

The L0003 yellow Pin & Sleeve socket lockout is an innovative device specifically designed for securing 110V 32A yellow Pin & Sleeve surface mounted or trailing sockets, ensuring controlled use and preventing unauthorised access. Crafted with a unique, patented design, this device is both durable and reusable, making it a vital tool for implementing ‘Lockout Tagout’ (LOTO) procedures and managing hazardous energy effectively.

Key Features:

  • Facilitates the enforcement of ‘Lockout Tagout’ procedures and the management of hazardous energy.
  • Enables the secure lockout of Pin & Sleeve mounted/trailing sockets, thwarting unauthorised access.
  • Engineered for locking out temporary power supplies.
  • Features a patented design that is both user-friendly and resilient.
  • The material is UV stabilised for increased longevity and flame retardant for added safety.
  • Conforms to European standards, having been rigorously tested and certified.
  • Compatible with 110V 32A Yellow Pin & Sleeve Sockets.
  • Presented in a visible yellow colour.
  • Suitable for both Pin & Sleeve Surface Mount and Trailing Sockets.
    The L0003 yellow Pin & Sleeve socket lockout device, designed to offer controlled access to 110V 32A yellow Pin & Sleeve sockets, whether they are surface mounted or trailing, presents an innovative solution for enhancing safety. This patented, durable, and reusable device provides an effective method to securely lock out sockets, preventing unauthorised usage.

Essential features include:

  • Ensuring adherence to best practices in hazardous energy control and ‘Lockout Tagout’ (LOTO) procedures.
  • Permitting regulated access to Pin & Sleeve sockets, both mounted and trailing types.
  • Preventing unauthorised use by allowing the sockets to be securely locked out.
  • Designed for temporarily locking out power supplies.
  • Boasts a patented, user-friendly design that is both durable and reusable.
  • Constructed with UV stabilised materials to withstand exposure to sunlight.
  • Incorporates flame retardant properties for added safety.
  • Has been thoroughly tested and certified to comply with European standards.
  • Specifically intended for use with 110V 32A yellow Pin & Sleeve Sockets.
  • The device is presented in a striking yellow colour, suitable for use with both surface mount and trailing sockets.

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