Pfisterer P3 Earthing Clamps

Pfisterer P3 Earthing Clamps

SKU: 360 330 002

The Pfisterer P3 Earthing Clamps are specifically designed to attach the earthing cable to the connection point of the earthing system. It is vital to ensure that the maximum short-circuit currents (Ik /1s) are compatible between both the earthing and short-circuiting cables and the clamps themselves.

Features of the Pfisterer P3 Earthing Clamps include:

  • Maximum cross-sectional area of the cable: 95mm².
  • Maximum short-circuit current capacity: 18.7 lk 1 s (kA).
  • Clamping range: 2mm – 20mm, accommodating various cable sizes.
  • Clamping width: 38mm, providing a secure grip.
  • Weight: 754g, ensuring robustness and durability.

These specifications are crucial for maintaining safety and efficiency in connecting to earthing systems.

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