Master Lock Personal Valve Lockout Kit (Pouch)

Master Lock Personal Valve Lockout Kit (Pouch)


The Master Lock Personal Valve Lockout Kit (Pouch) is a comprehensive solution tailored for the specific needs of mechanical engineers to securely lock out valves. This kit is crucial for enhancing the safety protocols during maintenance or repair processes, by effectively preventing unauthorized handling of gate valves and quarter-turn valves.

Contained within a practical pouch that includes a Velcro strap for convenient portability, this kit is equipped with the necessary tools for robust valve lockout procedures. These include:

  • A S1010 compact pouch, offering lightweight and secure storage, complete with a Velcro strap for easy transport.
  • A S31RED Global Thermoplastic Safety Padlock that features a durable stainless steel shackle.
  • A 491B Grip Tight Circuit Breaker Lockout, ideal for use with a variety of breaker toggles, both wide and tall.
  • Two S4373LFR Reusable Guardian Extreme Tags made from tough, industrial-grade polypropylene, ensuring durability.
  • A S806 adjustable lockout cable measuring 1.83 meters, versatile for different locking needs.

The Master Lock Personal Valve Lockout Kit is specifically designed to secure valve lock-out environments, safeguarding workers and securing critical infrastructure from unintended operation.

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