SKU: NG-9/96

The newly introduced NG-9/96 is the latest addition to the NG range of products that consolidate three key measurements into one singular instrument. Designed for 96 x 96 mm enclosures typically used in medium/low voltage power centers and industrial facilities, this device:

Thanks to its 3 Multifunction Meters merged into a single body, the NG-9/96 enables the simultaneous measurement of three 3-phase lines using just one instrument. It also provides three 1 to 5A current inputs and six channels for gathering comprehensive data – ranging from energy figures to parameters like temperature and both analog and digital signals.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy 96 x 96 mm case with a 3.5” graphic display.
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface enhances usability.
  • High-resolution LCD facilitates clear monitoring.
  • Incorporated temperature measurement capability.
  • Integrated clock and calendar functions.
  • Serial port supporting RS485 communication.
  • Uses the Modbus protocol for seamless data acquisition.

This powerful all-in-one monitoring device is perfect for industry professionals seeking an efficient, space-saving solution for detailed power diagnostics and data harvesting.

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NG-9/96 Datasheet

For additional technical details about the NG-9/96 please refer to the product datasheet.