Raychem Single Core Joints (36kV)

Raychem Single Core Joints (36kV)

SKU: MXSU-6131

Raychem cable joints are available for terminating 36kV single-core polymeric cables up to 630mm2. These connector packs come with all the mechanical fittings and tools needed to securely join the cable conductor and shielding during installation.

The Raychem joints are designed to accommodate common cable sizes as well as construction variations and tolerances. Their durable materials offer an unlimited shelf life without performance degradation over time. This allows for simplified stock management and cost savings.

Raychem single core cable joints suitable for:

  • 150-300mm2 cables
  • 500mm2 cables
  • 630mm2 cables
  • 70-150mm2 cables

The complete connectors ensure proper termination and reliable long-term operation across an array of 36kV polymeric insulated cable applications. Just select the size appropriate for your cables and the Raychem joints will come supplied with all necessary components for a high-quality termination.

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