Modbus interface RTU and Ascii DRM-MOD

Modbus interface RTU and Ascii DRM-MOD



This communication module is designed to pair with an energy meter featuring a side-mounted infra-red port. It captures measurement data from the meter and relays it via an RS-485 serial line to a remote collection station using the Modbus protocol.

The module’s in-built intelligence allows it to identify and communicate with the connected instrument, ensuring seamless data transmission of all the available readings from the instrument.

Supplied with a Windows-compatible software tool, the interface allows for easy setup of installation parameters such as the Modbus address and baud rate, along with other general configurations.

The design of this interface ensures automatic detection of the connected instrument via its infra-red port. This flexibility makes it compatible with both single-phase and three-phase energy meters, offering a versatile solution for energy data management.

Functioning as a Modbus slave, the interface allows for the measurement data it transmits to be gathered and visualised using any commercially available software configured to operate as a Modbus master.

The interface supports various baud rates, with a maximum of 115200 baud. However, the transmission speed is ultimately limited to a bandwidth of 9600 baud on the IR interface.

Physical Characteristics:

  • Standard module housing of 18mm width, ideal for 35mm DIN-rail mounting.


  • BIG ENDIAN type: suitable for measuring various parameters like energy, power, voltage, current, power factor, and frequency.
  • Supports Modbus ASCII and Modbus RTU protocols.
  • Applicable for both single-phase and three-phase energy meters.
  • Occupies a single DIN module space (18mm wide).

This interface is an essential tool for efficient energy management, facilitating easy and reliable integration into existing systems.

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Modbus interface RTU and Ascii DRM-MOD Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Modbus interface RTU and Ascii DRM-MOD please refer to the product datasheet.