Megger MIT510-2 Insulation Tester


SKU: MIT 510-2

The MIT510-2 is an advanced handheld insulation tester used to measure insulation resistance and diagnose issues in electric motors, transformers, cables and machinery. It is manufactured by Megger, a leading producer of electrical test equipment.

Key features of the MIT510-2 include:

  • Built-in test voltages from 50V to 5kV for testing insulation up to 10TΩ
  • Adjustable output current limiting from 1mA to 2mA
  • Automatic calculation of Polarisation Index and Dielectric Absorption Ratio
  • Guards against misleading leakage readings using DC voltage monitoring
  • Live circuit detection blocks test if voltage over 30V is detected
  • Rugged, reliable and ergonomic handheld unit weighing 2kg
  • Rechargeable battery delivers over 750 insulation tests per charge

The Megger MIT510-2 provides advanced capabilities to systematically diagnose deteriorating insulation issues before failure. Its wide range test voltages suit varied assets while safety features plus clear results on the large digital and analog display make it straightforward for electricians to use.

With the MIT510-2 electricians can undertake complete insulation testing via Polarisation Index trends rather than relying on basic resistance readings alone when surveying critical electrical apparatus.

Megger MIT510/2 data sheet

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Megger MIT510-2 Insulation Tester Datasheet

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Megger MIT510-2 Insulation Tester User Manual

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