Sonel MIC-2511 Insulation Resistance Meter

Sonel MIC-2511 Insulation Resistance Meter

SKU: MIC-2511

The Sonel MIC-2511 Insulation Resistance Meter measures insulation resistance up to 2 TΩ using a test voltage of up to 2500 V. With its compact design and robust casing (IP65 protection), this meter offers various functions while conserving battery power. It’s versatile for industrial installations, catenary networks, residential buildings, motor, cable, and street lighting testing. It’s also valuable in photovoltaic installation maintenance, telecommunications, and heating network management, aiding in pre-insulated pipe alarm system control.


  • Measurement voltage range of 10 to 2500 V, selectable in increments of 10 V.
  • Insulation resistance measurements for fire alarm system supervisory loops at 10 V.
  • Charts displayed during measurements.
  • Suitable for Electrostatic Protected Areas (EPA).
  • Correction of insulation resistance results to reference temperature.
  • Continuous reading of insulation resistance or leakage current.
  • Automatic discharge of object capacitance after measurement.
  • Sound alerts in five-second intervals for time tracking.
  • Measurement timing (T1, T2, T3) for absorption coefficient readings.
  • Automatic measurement of resistance combinations using AutoISO-2511 adapter.
  • Real-time measurement voltage display.
  • Low measurement current (<2 mA).
  • Protection against measuring live objects.
  • Two- or three-lead insulation resistance measurement.

Additional Features:

  • Leakage current and capacitance measurement during RISO testing.
  • Low-voltage continuity and resistance measurement.
  • Temperature measurement with ST-1 temperature probe (optional).
  • Measurement of direct and alternating voltages up to 1500 V.
  • 9999-entry memory, data transmission to PC via USB.
  • Powered by rechargeable battery.
  • Backlit keyboard.
  • Complies with EN IEC 61557 standard.

Applications: The insulation resistance meter is versatile, suitable for residential and industrial applications. It’s used in construction, maintenance, and inspection of various systems:

  • Residential and industrial construction projects.
  • Testing industrial systems and traction networks.
  • Maintenance electricians for motor, cable, and street lighting testing.
  • Photovoltaic system construction and maintenance.
  • Telecommunications network installation.
  • District heating network operation and alarm system inspection on insulated pipes.

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