Megger VLF Sinus 45 kV - Test and Diagnosis System

VLF Sinus 45 kV

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The VLF sine wave 45 kV with integrated tanDelta is a compact, strong, portable high-performance test and diagnostic system, it is suited for medium voltage cables.

The 45 kV tester is a multifunctional tool suitable for VLF and DC testing, sheath testing and sheath fault pinpointing (in combination with the step voltage probe ESG NT). The optional internal tanDelta expands the system to evaluate both the cable condition and integrity.

The smart VLF system automatically adjusts the test frequency to the cable length, making even tests on 25 kV rated cables (up to 25 km) easy and reliable.

Earth loop monitoring and automatic discharge help to remove hazards to the operator. With the use of this system an external safety stick is no longer a requirement.

In the event of excessive charge current, the integrated breakdown detection shuts down the test voltage, preventing extensive damage to the cable.

Equipped with intuitively operating software and a large internal memory, the VLF 45 kV evaluates and stores all data automatically making it very easy for the user to review all performed measurements either immediately or at a later point in time (internally).

VLF Sinus 45 kV Features include:

  • High test capacity of up to 10 ?F
  • Continuous duty cycle (testing without operational interruptions)
  • AC/DC testing in compliance with DIN VDE, EN, IEEE
  • Intuitive user software with large internal memory
  • Leakage current measurement in DC and VLF rectangular mode

VLF Sinus 45 kV Datasheet

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Megger VLF Sinus 45 kV - Test and Diagnosis System Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Megger VLF Sinus 45 kV - Test and Diagnosis System please refer to the product datasheet.