Megger TRAX280, TRAX220 and TRAX219 Testers

Megger TRAX 220 Transformer and Substation Tester

SKU: AJ-19090, AJ-19290, AJ-19390

The Megger TRAX Series Multi-function Transformer and Substation Testers are one of a kind: they include multiple test devices within one set. The state-of-the-art hardware is combined with smart software utilities making it easy to perform multiple complex tests that would otherwise require much more time and many other instruments. Without compromise.

The instrument is bursting with features such as 100 A true DC test current for winding resistance measurements, the 250 V AC voltage for turns ratio measurements or the adaptive technique for quick demagnetisation of the transformer core. The Megger TRAX Series also features an optional 12 kV tan delta / power factor testing.

Given all that the TRAX is arguably the best transformer tester available on the market.

Megger TRAX Series Features:

  • State-of-the-art Hardware and Software
  • Winding resistance and tap-changer testing
  • 100 A/50 V compliant
  • Adaptive demagnetisation of transformer core function
  • Tap-changer control
  • Dynamic resistance measurements
  • High-voltage ratio measurement (250 V and 2200 V outputs)
  • Switch-box for 3-phase/6-winding measurements (optional)
  • 12 kV tan delta (power factor) and capacitance testing (optional)
  • Individual temperature correction
  • Automatic voltage dependence detection
  • CT and VT testing
  • 3-phase circuit-breaker analyzer
  • Main and resistor contacts
  • Automatic measurement of substation battery voltage and coil current
  • Motion LV circuit-breaker timing
  • Relay testing Timer applications
  • Phase-angle meter
  • Earth impedance testing
  • 4-channel power multimeter
  • Built in oscilloscope

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