Megger TRAX Transformer and Substation Test System

Megger TRAX Transformer and Substation Test System

Megger TRAX Transformer and Substation Test System

SKU: TRAX 220, AJ 19090

TRAX is a multi-function test system for transformer substation testing. The test system replaces numerous individual testing devices which makes testing with TRAX a time saving and cost effective alternative to conventional measurements using separate instruments. TRAX is a unique test system for testing power, distribution and instrument transformers, as well as a variety of other substation components.

Providing up to 800 A (TRAX 280) and 2200 V (2000 A and 12 kV with accessories) with a frequency range adjustable from 5 Hz (1 Hz with tan delta unit) to 500 Hz, TRAX can be used with an integrated touch screen or external computer device with web browser.

Variable levels of voltage and current can be generated and measured with high precision, allowing TRAX to be used for a wide range of applications such as turns ratio, excitation current, winding and contact resistance, impedance, tan delta/power factor testing and various primary tests for LV, MV and HV electrical apparatus including but not limited to: Power & distribution transformers, Instrument transformers, Bushings, LV, MV and HV circuit-breakers, Busbars, Protection relays, Grounding systems

  • Winding resistance and tap-changer testing
  • 100 A/50 V compliant, Tap-changer control
  • Adaptive demagnetisation of transformer core function
  • Dynamic resistance measurements
  • High-voltage ratio measurement (250 V and 2200 V outputs)
  • Switch-box for 3-phase/6-winding measurements (optional)
  • 12 kV tan delta (power factor) and capacitance testing (optional)
  • Individual temperature correction, Automatic voltage dependence detection
  • CT and VT testing, 3-phase circuit-breaker analyzer
  • Main and resistor contacts, Motion LV circuit-breaker timing
  • Automatic measurement of substation battery voltage and coil current
  • Relay testing Timer applications, Phase-angle meter
  • Earth impedance testing, 4-channel power multimeter
  • Built in oscilloscope

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