Megger TDR2000/3 - Advanced Dual Channel TDR

Megger TDR2000/3

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The Megger TDR2000/3 is a high-quality dual-channel Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) designed for fault location on paired metallic cables. With its colour screen, it offers high resolution and a range of 20km/60kft (depending on velocity factor and cable type). It provides versatility with five output impedances, auto impedance matching, and adjustable velocity factor. The TDR2000/3 features trace storage for up to 100 test results, built-in Xpert mode for fast fault identification, and includes TraceXpert software for convenient downloading, reporting, and uploading of trace results.

The Megger TDR2000/3 is a top quality, dual channel, high resolution Time Domain Reflectometer. It comes equipped with a colour screen for locating faults on paired metallic cables.

The TDR2000/3 has a minimum resolution of 0.1m/0.3ft and a 20km/60kft maximum range depending on the velocity factor selected and the type of cable being inspected.

There are five output impedances available – 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 ohms. There is also an auto impedance matching feature. The velocity factor can be set between 0.2 and 0.99 making it suitable for any cable testing requirements.

Trace Storage – 100 internal trace memories provide for the storage and recall of test results. 

Fault identification – The built-in Xpert mode allows for speedy identification of faults with automatic adjustments to range and gain. The cursor is positioned to the first major event on the cable. Pressing the Xpert key again brings the user to the next detected disturbance. Manual Operation is also an option. 

TraceXpert PC Software –  The TDR2000/3 comes complete with the Megger TraceXpert software which gives full control over downloading, reporting and uploading of saved trace results. 

Megger TDR2000/3 Features include:

  • Comprehensive Dual Channel capability with dual aspect display.
  • AUTO set up mode for instant use.
  • Ultra fast pulse for near end fault identification.
  • Xpert guidance to potential fault.
  • IP54 rating offers real life working.
  • Designed for use on all metallic paired cables

Megger TDR2000/3 – Advanced Dual Channel TDR Datasheet

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Megger TDR2000/3 - Advanced Dual Channel TDR Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Megger TDR2000/3 - Advanced Dual Channel TDR please refer to the product datasheet.