Megger (Programma) TM1700 Circuit Breaker Analyser

Megger (Programma) TM1700 Circuit Breaker Analyser

SKU: TM1700

Introducing the TM1700 series circuit breaker analysers, which incorporate cutting-edge technology derived from the top-tier TM1800 model. This series offers four distinct models, ranging from PC-remote controlled variants to completely stand-alone units. Regardless of the model, all can be operated from a computer using the industry-proven CABA Win software for efficient data management and analysis.

Key features of the TM1700 series include:

  • On-screen guidance with test template Wizard and connection diagrams
  • Reliable and precise test results, even in electrically noisy high voltage substations
  • DualGround? testing for enhanced speed and safety, keeping both sides of the breaker grounded
  • Patented Active Interference Suppression algorithm for accurate timing and PIR measurements, even with high capacitively coupled interference currents
  • Five standard models available, offering either full stand-alone functionality or data acquisition capabilities without a user interface

The TM1700 series employs the patented DualGround? method, which significantly saves time and ensures safe testing by maintaining the circuit breaker’s grounding on both sides throughout the test. The timing measurement inputs utilize a proprietary Active Interference Suppression algorithm, guaranteeing precise timing and accurate PIR (Pre-Insertion Resistor) values, even in the presence of high capacitively coupled interference currents.

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