Megger PAT400 Barcode PASS/FAIL Printer

Megger PAT400 Barcode PASS FAIL Printer

SKU: 1005-423

The Megger PAT400 Barcode PASS/FAIL Printer is a specialised PAT label printer that is compatible with the Megger PAT410 and PAT420 PAT Testers. It offers connectivity to the Megger PAT400 series via a USB port. Key features include the ability to print detailed test information such as the PAT test technician’s name, test and re-test dates, appliance ID, and Pass or Fail status. Additionally, it includes an automatic tape cutter which enhances the efficiency, organisation, and accuracy of your PAT testing procedures.

Key Benefits of the Megger PAT400 Barcode PASS/FAIL Printer:

  • Direct USB connection to the Megger PAT400 series testers (Megger PAT420 PAT Tester and Megger PAT410 PAT Tester). 
  • Displays critical test data: test and re-test dates, technician’s name, appliance ID, and Pass/Fail status.
  • Features an automatic tape cutter.
  • Enhances the organisation, precision, and effectiveness of PAT testing processes.

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