Megger EGIL Circuit Breaker Analyser

Megger EGIL Circuit Breaker Analyser

SKU: BM-19093

A Megger EGIL Circuit Breaker Analyser is a piece of test equipment used by electrical engineers and technicians to test the performance and condition of circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are automatic electrical switches designed to protect an electrical circuit from overload or short circuit conditions.

The EGIL analyser enables detailed testing and analysis of a variety of low, medium, and high voltage circuit breakers found in industrial, commercial, and utility scale electrical systems. It can perform timing tests, motion analysis, temperature rise tests, dielectric withstand assessments, and more.

The main functions of the Megger EGIL are:

  • Timing Tests: Precisely measure the closing, opening, and trip times of circuit breaker operations. This verifies the circuit breaker is operating within design specifications.
  • Contact Motion Analysis: Using high-speed data acquisition, it analyses the movements of the circuit breaker’s contacts and operating mechanism during opening, closing, and fault interruption operations. This identifies any mechanical issues.
  • Temperature Rise Testing: Measure the temperature rise across critical circuit breaker components after operation. This ensures no dangerous overheating issues under fault conditions.
  • Dielectric Testing: Apply elevated voltage tests to circuit breaker insulation and verify withstand capabilities match design ratings.
  • Dynamic Resistance Measurement: Measure resistance changes during circuit breaker operation to assess connector wear and contact erosion issues.

The EGIL is designed to connect directly to circuit breaker primary and secondary terminals, with an integrated high-current test set for primary injection testing. Results and waveforms are displayed on the equipment’s touchscreen. Tests can be automated or operated manually by an engineer.

Megger EGIL data sheet

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Megger EGIL Circuit Breaker Analyser Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Megger EGIL Circuit Breaker Analyser please refer to the product datasheet.