Megger AVO210 Multimeter

Megger AVO210 Multimeter - AVO210



The AVO210 is a versatile multimeter designed for various professionals including electricians, heating engineers, and alarm technicians. It is equipped with a range of features that enhance its usability across various applications. This instrument facilitates measurements for both AC and DC voltage and current, in addition to offering resistance, frequency, and capacitance ranges. The AVO210 is designed for ease of use with straightforward functions that minimize the need to consult the user guide. The included test leads are equipped with GS38 compliant shrouded tips.

Key specifications include:

  • 2000 count digital display for clear readings.
  • Voltage measurement capabilities up to 1000 V DC and 750 V AC.
  • Current measurement up to 10 A for both AC and DC.
  • Offers comprehensive testing for resistance, frequency, and capacitance.
  • Equipped with a non-contact voltage detector for enhanced safety.
  • Safety rated at CAT III 600 V.

This multimeter is tailored to support a broad palette of diagnostic and troubleshooting activities, making it a valuable tool for a wide array of technical settings.

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